Covid Care

Get Covid 19 Testing and Treatment at Our Center

Do you know the signs and symptoms of Covid 19?
When and why should you get a Covid -19 test?
We all should know the signs and symptoms of Covid 19 by now and know what to do if we have any of the symptoms, the virus took away millions of lives across the globe so what should we do is prevention by implment WHO regulations, avoid contact, mass gathering, wear mask all the time outside home, dont leave home unless it is necessary and keep our hands clean washing and apply alcohol or sanitizer.

And if  you have a cough, fever,easy fatigue, headache, joint pain, breathing difficulties or you are experiencing changes in your sense of taste or smell, you may have Covid 19 !it is easy pass it onto your loved ones & others during this time .So, we need to get tested and prevent the spread of Covid-19 to others.

If you have any of symptom listed above or you have had close contact with someone with confirmed Covid 19 recently or you need a pre –travel Covid 19 test. American Medical Center (AMC) will be the right choice for you!
We provide a Covid-19 PCR testing 24/7 and results could be made within 8 Hours .we are also providing expedited service ,which means getting your result within 5 hours.

For International Travellers ,we provide TT code as well as QR code as per the requirement of African CDC.
In addition to the Laboratory services , AMC is providing both outpatient & inpatient (Admission) services for patients diagnosed with Covid-19 24/7 with our qualified Doctors

Post COVID-19 Care Plan

We recognize that many patients may be anxious that their Covid infection may have caused continuing problems. Covid-19 is a multi-system disease and can cause on-going health problems.

AMC has designed a group of tests to examine bodily systems.

The AMC’s Post COVID-19 Care Plan will start with a Physicians consultation which will assess potential problems and discuss any psychological difficulties caused either by the virus or by the lockdown.

What’s Included?

ECG, D-Dimer, Coagulation Profile, Liver Panel, Renal Panel, Fasting Blood Glucose, CBC & CRP, Ferritin, Vitamin D, COVID-19 IgG & IgM

The tests assess cardiac health, liver and renal function and clotting mechanisms as well as Ferritin and Vitamin D which are important for continuing good immunity.

Assessments are also made of post-Covid antibodies and the Physician will discuss these with you. The results of the test will be communicated by telephone or e-mail. The tests need to be done on a fasting blood sample – no food from midnight the day before and only water as fluids.