Our values are reflected in the ways we touch each life we encounter daily.


AMC aims to provide quality health services to a wide range of patient population. It is our dream to create a healthy society through the provision of high caliber primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services in the most economical and efficient way possible.


Respect-Treat everyone and their needs with at most respect.
-Address all clinical, as well as non-clinical issues/concerns, in the most culturally sensitive manner by asking ourselves how we, or our own family members, would like to be treated if they were in the same position as our patients and their families.
Integrity- Earn the trust of our patients by demonstrating the highest professional, ethical and moral standards.
Synergy-Emphasize to our staff, patients and their families that we have one common goal: the wellness of our patients.
Well-being- Alleviate physical, psychological, emotional suffering and restore wellness by addressing the patient as a whole.
Teamwork-Nurture unity, and also stress the importance of individual contributions.
Excellence-Strive to remain the center of excellence through innovation and readiness to adapt to ever-changing needs and expectations of our patients.